School Director – Tim Tabor

The Iowa City community refers to Kirkwood School for Children as “Tim’s”. Tim Tabor is the school founder and director. He has an incredible beard, and an even better track record.

He has provided childcare services to the community since the 1970s in Des Moines and Iowa City, and founded Kirkwood School for Children in 1995. Beyond his decades-long experience, he is an artist by training and at heart, giving him endless originality to keep the school in a state of constant artistic change and progression.

Tim has a seemingly bottomless well of patience, knows how to handle difficult situations families sometimes find themselves in, understands children’s developmental needs, and has created an environment where children can explore and grow into their own. The childcare model he created for the children and staff make Kirkwood School for Children an amazing, open, inviting, and unique place for kids to be kids and engage on the path to become accepting, generous and strong adults.